Friday, 16 September 2016

A day off

The weather this morning wasn't perhaps as bad as we'd expected, but it did rain on and off and the wind certainly came up this afternoon. We've enjoyed a lazy day here at Tixall Wide, reading, surfing the net and doing puzzles. I put another litre of Easy-yo yoghurt on, but that was about the height of the domesticity. It's been very good for us after the exertions of the last few days.

We did walk back to the junction this afternoon to dump some rubbish and recycling and to buy some bread at the Farm Shop. The sun has come out, so the solar panel is doing its stuff. I ran the Webasto for an hour just now to get a tank of hot water and to warm the back of the boat and it didn't use any battery at all.

We'll make an early-ish start tomorrow, not because we have a long way to go but so as to get down Haywood and Colwich locks before the traffic builds up. The target is the Brindley Bank visitor moorings, to be followed by the run through Rugeley, stopping at Tesco, on Sunday.

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