Wednesday, 14 September 2016

To Stone

We've had a pretty straightforward day, setting off at half eight and arriving at the top of Meaford at twenty past nine. There was a hire boat just going into the lock, cautiously, and we followed them down, closely pursued by a privateer. A boat crossed with us at the third and the fourth locks, traffic having woken up a bit by then. Two more were waiting at the bottom when we emerged.

It was a lovely day for some relaxed boating. We had no bother finding a mooring on the VMs above Stone Top, stopping well back to stay out of the way of Roger Fuller's yard on the offside.

This afternoon, we've been into town, shopping at Stone Bakery for a nice loaf of multiseed for tomorrow and at Morrisons for sundry other stuff. We won't have another chance to supermarket shop until Rugeley in five days time, or longer if we hang about on Tixall Wide for a day or so. There's always the Farm Shop at Great Haywood, of course... ;)

Tomorrow, we'll amble down the Stone flight and Aston Lock, probably mooring at Burston, out in the countryside again.


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