Monday, 27 March 2017

Steady progress

Thanks to Joe and Alison for your nice comments, it's good to be back! It's been a day for pottering about – the main effort has been Sheila's, as usual, doing the Monday washing. After a glorious weekend, the weather has turned cloudy and chilly, though still Springlike.

I wrote a letter to the surgery, enclosing an SAE and asking for an extra repeat prescription. Normally, I can order the repeat script online and collect it from the pharmacy, where they mostly get it right, ho, ho. However, if I have a paper script in hand, I'll be able to get it made up at whatever pharmacy is handy when I need it.

We've had our usual two walks round the marina, a total of over two miles. The actual walking we do at a brisk pace but it can still take quite a while, especially now the better weather is bringing people out of their cabins, blinking in the unaccustomed sunlight ;)

We had a good excuse for pausing this afternoon, watching yet another widebeam being craned in. Only (only, ha!) 60' x 12', but she looked enormous. The current fashion is to paint them grey so that at first glance it looks like the boat's still in primer. Sorry, painting it grey doesn't turn it into a stealth widebeam... ;)

In an idle moment, one of so many these days, I had a look back at some of my old blog posts, in this case from our last year on Sanity. My word I was chatty, almost prolix, some might say. I seem to have become more and more laconic as the years went by...

I blame the drugs, myself.

I'll try and be a bit more entertaining this year, having had such a long break from what was, frankly, becoming a bit of a chore. So here's a little puzzle for starters:

Where does the term "laconic" come from? Where is/was Laconia and what is the classic example of a laconic reply? No Googling straightaway and I'll give the answer next time, if I remember.



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