Tuesday, 4 April 2017

On to Alrewas

I've just lost an entire post thanks to BlogPress not warning me what would happen when I popped into Settings to set up the photo album access, so this is going to be a condensed account of what I wrote.

I forgot to mention yesterday that as we were passing the Mill House pub, we saw one of the black swans formerly of Mercia, swimming about near the offside reed bed. As we watched, he approached a mute swan sitting on her nest, pecked her until she got off and tried to climb up there himself. Mike Coates, who's just arrived on Aphrodite with Julia, says they saw him doing the same today.

Maybe he is a she and is trying to take over the nest.

We got away in good time today, just on eight and had a good run to Alrewas. The river is reasonably low, though the sign at Wychnor winding hole said Proceed with Caution. CRT needs to sort itself out with signs around here, there still several, some quite new, which claim that the rubbish point at Oakamoor is 100 yards from Barton Marina when it's quarter of a mile away.

The only one to get it right, a brand new one, says it's on the right when it's on the left coming from that direction.

This afternoon, We washed the side of the boat, which was very dusty, and hung the framed cross stitch on the saloon wall:

Tomorrow, eight more locks to above Woodend then on to Handsacre.


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