Sunday, 7 May 2017

A sunny day at the junction

As planned, we've stayed put today, so there's not a lot to say. The weather has turned very warm and sunny, so a fair bit of lurking on the bow has been going on.

We've not been completely idle, though. We took a stroll along the towpath first thing to Bridge 108. There's a lot of Armco to tie to along there, rather than using pins on a stone edge as we are here, but the road comes quite close. It's not a major road, but seems quite busy, whereas here was absolutely silent last night.

The phone signals aren't good all along this bit, though there's enough on Vodafone to hold a conversation and by putting the 3 phone out in the cratch I've been able to get a half decent data connection.

As we'd expected, there's been a lot of traffic, both privateer and hire boat. Passing speeds remain largely rather high, though some steerers are as considerate as we'd find on the Trent and Mersey.

Over the course of the day, we've put a fresh coat of black paint on the stern deck, washing it off this morning then painting this afternoon. Sheila did the washing and the masking off and I the painting. I could only just get it on quickly enough in the heat. We use Andy Russell Gunwale Black for the job, which is quick drying anyway and even more so in the heat of the sun, so I had to keep the brush moving to maintain a wet edge.

Still, it's done now and looks OK. We'll need to do the well deck and bow locker lid in the same way, a much bigger job.

Apart from all that, we've pottered about a bit. My Guernsey has advanced another half inch, as much as Sheila could bear to do in the heat.

Tomorrow, on to Braunston. We plan to tie on the North Oxford where it's easier to find space for 70 foot, then carry on to Hillmorton and Rugby in due course.

Location:Napton Junction

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