Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Another great Crick

I promised a blog post today, so here's a brief one now. We're still in Crick on a variable data connection, sometimes 4G, sometimes GPRS.

It's been a good weekend as ever, both socially and from the point of view of Braidbar. Mei Long was greatly admired and took second place in the favourite boat in show competition. It's been a while since a Braidbar won, ten years indeed, but we've been second placed in those ten years more often than not. Consistent quality is the name of the game.

We had very good evenings, visiting the Wheatsheaf on Wednesday, the Red Lion on Thursday, the Moorings on Friday and again last night and each other's boats in turn on Saturday and Sunday. We all got along well together and everyone has enjoyed themselves by their own report. In addition, we've another fund of stories of curious encounters with potential customers – I won't risk embarrassing anyone by retailing those here, but of you happen to find me in a pub and buy me a pint, I might be persuaded...

In addition, various Mercian friends came to see us, especially Peter and Katie on Saturday and Jo, Wynne, Bill and Jo on Sunday. We're especially grateful to Jo James for bringing us some post from the marina.

Today has been a day for chilling out after we'd finished the take down and seen the Braidbar four (that's Peter, Susan, James and Donna) on their way. A bit of shopping got done, the engine's had a good run to recharge the rather depleted batteries and get a wash load done, and puzzles and books have had some attention once more.

We plan to stay here tomorrow to repeat the latter parts of that programme, then will wander off along the 20 mile pound for a couple of days. After that, it will be heigh ho for Mercia for a short stay. I won't blog again tomorrow, but should have something to say after we've started boating again. Assuming I can find a data signal that is...


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