Sunday, 14 May 2017

Finishing the well deck

This is a quick update as we haven't been boating today. Things have gone pretty well according to plan. Heavy rain overnight was late enough not to affect the working of the Rust Konverter, if anything helping to wash the unreacted stuff away. After a relaxed start this morning, I wiped over the treated areas with meths to finish that job and, once the whole area had dried in the sun, Sheila got busy with the masking tape.

I then applied a coat of Gunwale Black, using a 2" brush on the locker lid and to cut in around the edges of the well deck, then a roller to do the main area, working backwards and ending up climbing in through the bow doors. Since I'd started the engine after breakfast, Sheila was able to get a wash load going whilst I was doing this. Last time we did this job, I forgot about the fact that the tank breather was masked off until Sheila was showering, resulting in 1) a serious tin lidding noise when I finally remembered and 2) anxiety about the state of the tank welds for a couple of weeks after.

This time, I'd remembered to open the filler cap so that the tank could breathe when the pump was running. Dry sunny weather all day has meant that the paint has set nicely. After lunch we put stuff back in their regular positions on the deck and went for a walk. First was a visit to the rubbish skips to get rid of accumulated recycling, followed by an amble back along the towpath for a couple of bridges to stretch our legs.

It's still looking pretty wet for tomorrow, so we'll almost certainly stay put here, moving on on Tuesday. If so, I probably won't blog tomorrow unless there's something in particular to talk about.


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