Thursday, 11 May 2017

Newbold to Newbold

Another fine day, another fine plan. We wanted to run a wash load, but knew we'd barely have time for it on the planned out and back run. On the other hand, the water tank was getting a bit low, so we waited until eight, then started up and boated through the bridge onto the water point, leaving the engine running whilst we filled up. By the time we'd got a tank full, the water in the calorifier was hot and the battery bank was mostly charged, reducing the load on the domestic alternator.

It was Sheila's turn to steer, so I got the machine going as we passed through the tunnel. Whilst on the waterpoint, I noticed that I hadn't been entirely fair to CRT when I accused them, in a reply to Mike's comment about recycling, of removing even the general waste bins from here. At least, I hope that's what this notice means:

We had a very pleasant chug through to Brinklow marina where we winded. This wasn't entirely straightforward – initially, Sheila tried to do the preferred thing and reverse the stern into the marina arm, thereby keeping it in deep water, but the geometry of the junction wouldn't let her do it and she had to straighten up and go in bows first. Naturally, a boat appeared coming along the mainline as she was doing this and two more wanted to leave the marina just as she was finishing.

No matter, she completed the evolution with her usual aplomb and very little cursing. That I heard anyway, though maybe she'd turned her radio off...

We had another pleasant trip back – Sheila handed over to me between Yates yard (where they are selling diesel again, I notice) and the tunnel. Mooring was good fun, with the two boats that had been following us from the marina plus two more that had set off from the towpath as we passed all wanting to get by before we'd tied. A couple of boats coming the other way and the constriction of the bridgehole added to the entertainment.

We've stopped on the 48 hour section of the visitor moorings here. It meant using pins at the back, but it's a straight edge and we could put out a proper spring. There's still the remains of the dreaded curved washwall down there, but having deployed the fat fenders again, we only bump on it if someone chooses to go past a bit quickly.

Coming back from the village after doing a bit more shopping, we had a chance to chat to Pat and Terry on Quercus, folk we haven't seen since we stopped working at IWA Festivals. As I was typing this, the newish Aqua boat Ripple Effect has just gone by – I wonder if that's going to be the Aqua show boat at Crick.

Tomorrow, back to Brownsover, timing it to arrive when there should be some space. Once we've shopped, we may stay put or may go on back to Hillmorton, depending a bit on the weather. We'd rather not block scarce spaces at Brownsover if we can avoid it.


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Jo said...

Methinks the showboat is "All you need ...... is Love"