Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Settling in Saltisford

Just a quick note today as we've not been boating. This morning we had a bit of a lie-in and a leisurely breakfast, a change from the last few days. We filled the water tank whilst waiting to see if the boat in front was likely to go soon. Enquiries at the office revealed that they weren't planning to leave much before 12, so we went into town to do some shopping.

Warwick's a lovely place, but definitely built on a hill – it's steep pull up to the centre. We've got my prescription made up, mostly, though I need to go back tomorrow for a couple of items. We prowled round the town admiring the architecture and sussing out hairdressers as Sheila would like to get a trim. A coffee and a chocolate in CafĂ© Nero filled in a bit of time, then we collected the drugs and ambled down to Sainsbury's for bread and other bits and pieces.

Back at the boat, things were stowed away, the boat moved onto her new mooring and lunch taken, after which it was fine enough to sit out on the bow. Here we were joined by Jo and Keith for a thorough exchange of news and some gossip. Jo was also able to recommend a hairdresser that doesn't charge silly prices (one of the others asks £80 for a wet cut – you don't even get it dried, that's another £40).

Sheila is now taking advantage of the laundrette here, which is very reasonably priced. Tomorrow will be much the same as today, so if I've no special news to report, I won't blog. This means the next one is likely to be from the Radford Bottom mooring on Thursday.


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