Monday, 22 May 2017

We're here

I'll keep this short because, as expected, the internet connection here is spasmodic and slow. Today went according to plan and we got here before half ten. The moorings are already fully marked out and reserved and we've gone straight on to ours. We have a stranger boat outside us and four Braidbars in two pairs ahead of us, right at the end of Zone 1, the decent stuff.

There's no 3 or EE signal, some giff gaff but without much data speed and a fluctuating Vodafone signal, wandering from GPRS all the way up to 4G. I've bought some extra Voda data for this month and will use that as needed. I won't blog every day – when we're not boating it's hardly needed anyway – but I will try and get an odd post up from time to time.

Oh, and there is some connection with the marina wifi but it requires a passcode, not surprisingly, which we don't have.



Jo said...

We're coming down on Sunday - quite a few coming down from here I believe! So we will see you all. Should we bring water? A whole week on one water fill??? I am amazed and in awe!

Bruce in Sanity said...

You'll all be very welcome – as long as you vote for Braidbar ;)))

780 litres gos a long way if you're careful!

See you Sunday.