Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A stormy day and an unexpected visitor

It has indeed been a day of horrible weather, raining and blowing like mad. Few boats have been past, mostly hirers and one day boat. We've spent most of the time indoors, as you'd expect. Sheila caught up with a lot of banking type admin whilst I mostly loafed about reading the newspaper and doing puzzles.

It had moderated enough in the afternoon to venture out to dump rubbish and to walk down to the Co-op for a loaf of bread to keep us going until we get to the next main shopping opportunity, Atherstone.

We'd not been long back when a knock on the roof proved to be Adam of Briar Rose. He had happened to be passing, remembered from reading the blog that we were here and called in on spec. We've had a good time sharing gossip from Crick and the wider boating world.

The sun has actually come out now, so hopefully things will be better tomorrow as forecast, though it will still be pretty windy, I suspect. Nonetheless, we'll have to move on. We're getting low on water and these are 48 hour moorings. If possible we'll stick to the plan to do a long day to Sutton Stop.


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