Thursday, 15 June 2017

Boating home

It was a good run yesterday in decent weather. We left at half seven and made it back by half one, about standard for the Alrewas to Mercia run. Things were very quiet at first, but we found boats queuing to come up Tatenhill and from then on there were boats going in both directions. After the grotty weather over the weekend and Monday, everyone had clearly come out to play.

We had an interesting time getting back to the pontoon, starting with trying to remember which one it was... Fortunately, Fallen Angel was still in so we knew where we should be. Having been coping well with manoeuvring in the wind, I completely muffed the turn onto the berth. Mind you, the Mercia wind waited its chance and started blowing in an unhelpful direction once I was committed to the turn.

Still, we made it in without crashing around and were soon shifting stuff up to the lodge, having done a good bit of packing whilst boating. It helped, too, that we'd left the lodge stocked with all the non-perishables and with a lot of stuff duplicated to reduce the amount to move.

Today, we've had a walk round the marina and carried on with moving stuff about. We've also done a big Ocado order to bring both boat and lodge stocks up to requirements.

We've now got to hang about waiting for the surgery to call me for a blood test, then once that's sorted it will be hi-ho for the Four Counties and Chester. Probably.

I'll try and blog once a week, just to keep folk updated about when that's likely to be.


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