Friday, 2 June 2017

Heading back and a scary story

We were a bit worried about getting round in the winding hole beyond Bridge 28, thanks to the boat tied by it, so set off in very good time this morning to get it over with. This despite the temptation to make extended use of the good 3 signal before getting going. Thanks to Adam for making me check it again, this time with the iPhone mobile data turned on! (I'm sure I never turned it off, must have done it for itself.)

In the event, I made it round with about 6" to spare. Fortunately, the actual winding hole was good and deep, so Sanity Again turned without too much trouble. I even avoided the overhanging tree to one side.

After half an hour we were chugging back past the overnight mooring having drunk our breakfast coffee on the move. It was a very pleasant morning for boating. Back at Crick, we tied a bit closer to the road bridge than we'd been for the past 10 days and popped into the village to top up the supplies. If there had been any sort of data signal, we might have stayed put, but there was nothing on either 3 or EE, and of course Vodafone is not available for data to us now, curses, curses.

So we carried on through the tunnel and found a mooring just before Bridge 9. It's a bit shallow and there's only just a 3 signal, but it was getting close to lunchtime and my mood was deteriorating with my blood sugar levels.

We've had a quiet afternoon pottering about after the exertions of the morning. Tomorrow, down Watford once more.

Meantime, here's a horror story to make you buy a carbon monoxide alarm or two:

It's the MAIB report on the double fatality on the Broads cruiser Love for Lydia. New boat to them, told they should have a CO alarm but hadn't got round to it, first day out on it, left the engine running to charge the batteries. It was cold, so they had all the windows shut and the aft pram canopy closed apart from one panel. The exhaust from the inboard petrol engine found its way under the canopy and forward into the forepeak living area.

Next day, the passing ice cream boat wondered why they were still moored on the short term moorings and took a look inside...

If you don't have at least one, preferably two, CO alarms on your boat, get some. They cost around £20 each, but it's your life and that of your family we're talking about here!

Location:Above Watford

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