Thursday, 8 June 2017

On to the Anchor

We didn't want to start too soon this morning as there was little point in getting to Boot Wharf before they opened, so it was just on eight when we set off. It being Sheila's turn to steer, I divided my time between making coffee, tidying up the recycling and keeping a look out. Although neither as windy or wet as had been forecast, it wasn't terribly inviting outside, so a fair bit of the looking out was done from within, through the bow doors.

Charity Dock was looking its usual weird mess, partly entertaining in the use of old mannequins and other props, partly just disgusting as a marine junkyard. You feel sorry for the people living in the houses across the cut from it.

There was a gaggle of lurking type boats just before Marston Junction, including one that had comprehensively sunk. It's always been a bit of a spot for such boats, though usually on the other side of the junction.

Things didn't go quite to plan when we got to Boot wharf, as they were craning boats in. Seemingly, Thursday is their day for swapping over the boats they've had out for blacking, so not a good time to go for a pump out. We carried on through the chaos and out the other side and went to Springwood Haven instead. Here we paid £18 for an adequate but not special pump out. We could have tried to hang on until Fazeley Mill, but that might have meant doing an extended day or two, so an extra three quid seemed worth it to avoid the hassle.

There was plenty of room here at the Anchor Inn when we arrived just a bit before noon. After lunch, we had a walk along the towpath to Hartshill, where there were more boats but still spaces – June is a good time for visiting some of these more popular waterways. When we got back, Des and Gill on Farne had tied behind us, so we'll get a bit more socialising in tonight. ;)

Tomorrow, down Atherstone, stopping to shop between locks 5 and 6 as usual, then probably on down to spend the night between 9 and 10.


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