Sunday, 11 June 2017

Steadily to Fazeley

We were tied almost straight across from the Samuel Barlow pub last night, which seems to have changed its character a touch since we were last there two years ago. It was certainly trading quite well and there were sounds of Muzak from the upper floor all evening, together with much merry laughter from a party on the upper veranda. It wasn't impossibly noisy but we were quite glad when it all quietened down by midnight.

Apart from that, we had a peaceful night, despite the proximity of the West Coast Main Line, and woke refreshed in good time this morning. As a result, we were on our way rather before eight for the plod through Amington. It was a pleasant morning, though it clouded over as the day went on. The Glascote Two were against us but were in better condition than they've been on other occasions and Sheila had no problem turning the locks.

Once down, it's a steady run through to the junction, with very little traffic on the move despite it being the weekend. We got to the Sutton Road Bridge moorings by ten, to find that they were all but deserted. It's one of those stretches that is either empty or full of liveaboards, just depending on where the local boats have roosted for the time being.

We had an early coffee then set off to Sainsbury's armed with a mixed shopping list. For once, we made something of an impulse buy in addition. We've been thinking for some time of getting a second handheld blending wand. The Bamix I've used for many years is excellent but now lives in the lodge where it gets put to use in the winter in the production of stocks and soups, mostly. The big Sainsbury's here has a substantial home goods section including a variety of such appliances.

I settled on a Breville beast complete with a chopping bowl attachment. It's a 500 watt motor so should cope with anything up to and including ice cubes (not that I often have cause to produce crushed ice, but you never know). It does mean that any substantial use will be better with the engine running, since pulling over 40 amps from the batteries for any length of time is not a good idea.

It's turned very breezy indeed since lunch – we're glad not to have to move this afternoon. Tomorrow, we'll carry on along most of the remaining Coventry canal, probably finishing near the new Kings Orchard marina.



Ann Street said...

We might meet you or it will be a near miss :-) We are driving down tomorrow to take kelpie (from Strethay) up to Bugsworth basin and back. The drive time us usually about 5 hours (280 miles) and then we visit tesco to shop and fill the car with fuel before going to Streethay. It is usually about 2 ish before we get there by which time you will probably be moored up a bit further along. We usually make the top of Shade house lock before tiredness catches up with us! If we do see you, great, if not, enjoy the rest of your trip.
All the best, Ann

Bruce in Sanity said...

That would be good if it works out! If not, have a good trip yourselves.