Sunday, 30 July 2017

Down to the Shady

We’d estimated the run from Calveley to the Shady Oak pub at around three hours, and would have been about right except for the interesting folk that we met on the way. In particular, we found ourselves sharing down most of the locks with an engaging family on a hire boat, Dad and three young daughters having three days boating for the first time. Sheila did a fair bit of teaching about lock working to the girls to help out.

It was all good fun and, given that the weather was calm, warm and sunny, not a great hassle. When we got to Beeston Iron lock, which can’t be shared because the sides have distorted, they went on ahead and must have found another partner down Wharton’s, the last lock we will be working towards Chester. We were at Beeston for some time as there was another boat ahead of us when we arrived and one came up before it was our turn to go down.

Having set off at half seven, it was gone eleven by the time we arrived at the Shady where there was, as always, loads of room on the VMs. Sheila had been told by another boater that the pub is having one of its good times at the moment (it’s been up and down several times over the years), so we decided to try their Sunday lunch. A phone call established that Bill and Eileen were up for it too and a merry meeting ensued. The food was indeed just fine and reasonably priced and there was a good selection of beer on offer – Sheila and I both had the Cambrian Gold summer ale.

Bill and Eileen came back to the boat for coffee afterwards so it was a great session of chat, cross talk humour and reminiscence.

We’ve been quiet since they left, as may be expected. Tomorrow, a straightforward run to Christleton where we’ll probably stay for a couple of days.


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Jo said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday!