Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Getting ready to go again

We’ve moved back onto the boat over the last couple of days after a very pleasant stay in the lodge. This was characterised by a family event, namely the visit of my sister from the States and a family day on the Sunday. Graeme, Cathy and the grandsons came over from Lincolnshire and Elanor and Sally joined us for the day.

Some of the rest of the time has been spent at Elanor’s new bungalow, helping get it ready for her occupation. It’s benefited from some building work and general repairs and will amply repay the effort and expense she’s put into it.

I’m booked to have a (hopefully) routine blood test first thing on Thursday, so we’ll leave the marina tomorrow and tie on the towpath in Willington. After I’ve been to the surgery, we’ll set off for Branston.

The cruising plan is to head clockwise round the Four Counties ring, with a side trip towards Chester, probably stopping at Christleton as we’ve done in the past, rather than working all the way down into the town. Returning from there, we’ll carry on round the Four Counties, climbing the Cheshire Locks to Red Bull and turning off onto the Macc as so often before. We aim to get to Poynton towards the end of August, have a couple of jobs done to Sanity Again and then take part in the Braidbar Owners’ Weekend and Open Day over the 9th and 10th of September.

Sheila did the regular announcement of that on Sunday – we already have most of twenty people and four or five boats booked in, so it looks like it’s going to be as popular as ever.

I won’t blog again tomorrow, there won’t be much to say, but after that will get back into the swing of reporting on our boating each afternoon.



Dave Wagg said...

Welcome back Bruce & Sheila
Enjoy the boating. Looking forward to the blogs

Jo said...

I'll see you today before you go. Then have a great time out and I look forward to reading of the adventures, discoveries, day to day business of cruising and boats.