Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Pottering at Penkridge

Despite the comparative proximity of the M6, it’s always very peaceful when tied above Deptmore Lock and last night was no exception. We even overslept very slightly, but since there was plenty of time for matutinal coffee drinking whilst boating to the first lock, this was of no consequence. It proved to be another very pleasant couple of hours’ boating through Shutt Hill, Park Gate and Longford Locks to tie in our usual spot opposite the park homes of Penkridge.

We were all sorted by ten and had another coffee before setting out to visit the village centre. After a call at the bank, we explored the Wednesday Market, but didn't buy anything. It’s a fairly average sort of weekly market and well patronised by the locals. Visits to Sainsbury’s and the Co-op met our shopping needs, plus a call into the pharmacy actually found some moleskin.

It’s interesting that in the course of a phone call from son Graeme last night, he’d agreed that moleskin wasn't often available these days, the more modern Compeed products being preferred. Soldiers, of course, are experts in the care of the feet and the management of new boots, so I’ve no doubt he is right. Apparently, the squaddies use plain zinc oxide plaster as a prophylactic against sore feet.

So, the great moleskin hunt is over. Can't seem to find Chinese leaf anywhere, though…

We’ve been loafing in the boat during the afternoon, rather, reading and doing puzzles and Sheila advanced my Guernsey a little further. The weather has been ok so far, but looks rather threatening now – I shouldn’t be surprised if we have some heavy showers in the next few hours. Hopefully, such rain will reduce the number of small flies plaguing us here. We’ve had to rig the fly screens in all the hatches for the first time this summer.

We need to fill the water tank, so plan to lock up onto the service point first thing tomorrow and eat breakfast whilst the tank is filling, as we did last time we were here in April.


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