Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Up Bosley and on to Lyme Green

We actually slept in a little this morning and didn't get boating until nearly half seven. Nonetheless, we were still the first boat into the bottom of the flight. It was Sheila’s turn to steer, so I did the first six locks. 12 was empty, 11 full, 10 empty, nine full – it just depends on whether the bottom gates are leaking faster than the top ones in these circumstances. The person who does the first half actually gets the tougher job as they are all close enough together to justify double walking to set the next lock whilst the one below is filling.

This was particularly true today as, not long after we’d swapped over, we were joined by a volockie, it now being just before nine, who stayed with us all the way up the flight. As a result, we made good time and were on the water point at the top by ten. Whilst the tank was filling we dumped rubbish and recycling, started a wash load, made and drank a cup of coffee and did the breakfast washing up.

Once on our way again, I was look out for most of the way. There were now a few boats in the opposite direction including Derwent 6 with Del and Al. We only seem to see them passing in opposite directions these days, haven't had a chance of a proper natter for years.

I opened the Royal Oak swing bridge and then waited whilst a boat came through in the opposite direction after Sanity Again had passed. There was yet another boat behind that one but I now had a traffic queue building up so closed the bridge. Fortunately, a passing dog walker offered to reopen it as he had a BWB key and was clearly either a boater himself or made a habit of this. This was especially good as the boat in question was single handed.

We were surprised to see that there was only one other boat in the whole length of the Lyme Green towpath when we got here, so we had plenty of choice about where to moor. We’ve stopped by the footpath into the retail park and had a wander round there this afternoon. I got a pair of plastic clogs to replace my boat slippers which were wearing out and we found a Turtle mat clone to try in the front of the saloon. At £8, it’s a bit cheaper than the Turtles, too.

Tomorrow, we plan to stay put for the day and maybe do a bit more retail therapy.

Location:Lyme Green


Paul and El said...

The Volockie was my brother in law Trevor.

Bruce in Sanity said...

And very helpful he was, too.

If you see him soon, please thank him again for us.