Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Hardworking day

It’s been a busy day and I’m pretty weary, so this blog is going to be in the form of highlights for once.

First off, a big hello to the hirer on Olivia Ginger. We’ve been leapfrogging with them today and he’s spoken to us a couple of times to say that he reads my maunderings on here. It’s always good to know that there are more of you out there, especially on a day like today when it was quite hard to start this post…

Secondly, where did all these boats come from? We’ve seen far more traffic today on this stretch of canal than we did on the Four Counties in the height of summer. It made navigation especially tricky through the various pinch points between Rugeley and Handsacre. We made it with only two bumps, one a panicky hirer in a very narrow place and one a privateer just now who a) doesn't know the length of his boat for mooring purposes and b) didn't have the courtesy to apologise after his bow had clouted ours a mighty bang (twice).

Thirdly, Sally has distinguished herself. Elanor and I took her for a walk this afternoon which was going really well until we were on the way back. Sal found a rat by the canalside which dived into the reed bed just there. So Sal dived after it and was with difficulty persuaded to come out. Note to passing boats – if you see an animal or human struggling in the water, even over in a reed bed, drop into neutral as you pass, huh? We got Sal out, marched her back to the boat and poured a bucket of water over her, but she still smells of eau de canal.

And in the last and most important place, we made £2,630 in the charity auction which has been split between the Anthony Nolan Trust and Bloodwise. With gift aid, that's over £3,000 in total.

Tomorrow, on to Alrewas.


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Anonymous said...

I suddenly realised that I've been spending too many hours on the dakr side i.e. instant social media, and have lost touch with some very fine blogs and bloggers. So pleased to see that Sally is flying the flag for independent thinking sighthounds (she could never be naughty, obviously!)...

Sue & the Indigo Dreamers