Monday, 2 April 2018

Long winter

I blame Game of Thrones. All these millions of people thinking about long winters, that's what does it. Never mind, it's nearly over, surely, and we're thinking about cruising plans for this year.

Weather permitting, we'll set off tomorrow week, thus letting the Easter holiday traffic disperse. We're not going to Crick this year, but instead are cruising in convoy with our good friends Peter and Mel on Inkling to Liverpool. We've booked a transit through the link for late June and will stay there for the full seven free days.

Before and after then things are very flexible. We're thinking of an amble down to Stourport in April with maybe a bit of a run up the Shroppie either before or after that. After Liverpool, we won't want to come south again and have to head back through Harecastle to get to Poynton for the Owners' Weekend, so I expect we'll spend a chunk of time one side of the Bridgewater or the other. Obviously, with the big breach in the Middlewich Arm, we'll have to stick with the Trent and Mersey and the Macc mostly.

Watch this space for news as our plans mature!

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keith waters said...

Great to read your blog again hope you have a really nice summer out, your plans sound really nice, My son Danny and Tracy are out out this week on Daisy May in the rain.