Thursday, 17 May 2018

Routine sort of day

There's not a lot to talk about today. We had a good night here at Coven and made a leisurely start this morning after wrestling with a particularly challenging Killer Sudoku. We nailed it in the end with only one early guess at a square and no errors.

After breakfast and coffee, we walked into the village. Before going into the Co-op, we checked out whether there had been any changes in the little parade of shops just over the road and up the hill. The greengrocer has added a coffee shop and Post Office to their offering and there's a hairdresser and a baker that's more of a sandwich shop.

The Co-op itself isn't very useful except for the basics and we only found about half of what we had on the list. It is very small, without an instore bakery, and a good chunk of it is given over to the off licence side though without stocking any interesting bitters. There's more of a choice of lager and a load of alternative ciders.

More exciting was a visit to the butchery on the way back, where I was able to restock with meat and we bought a pork pie for lunch.

Back at the boat we stowed things away then had a coffee. Since then it's been a case of pottering about, in Sheila's case including earning merit this afternoon by doing her tax return. We hope that the forecast for tomorrow is correct as it looks like an excellent day for the run along the summit pound to Gailey.

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