Monday, 25 June 2018

And so to Barlaston

Another good run today in warm weather, setting off at half seven and finishing four hours later after six locks, mostly against us which was hard luck on Sheila. We're both pretty weary after only an average night's sleep in the heat.

It is tricky keeping a narrowboat cool when it's as sunny as this. We've got all the hatches and doors open with the fly screens down over the Houdinis and side hatches, but there's nothing to stop the flies coming in at the bow and stern, of course.

At least the washing will be drying apace on the whirligig. There's just enough breeze to blow the clothes about a bit. We should be back in the marina this time next week, which makes life simpler for Sheila. The linens can be allowed to collect up now for washing when we get in, there's just the clothes that need turning round (and round and round, first in the machine, then on the 'gig).

We crossed with Austin and Liz on Just Siviting, Braidbar 99, at the last lock of the day for us, Trentham. JS had picked up a bladeful coming into the lock, so had to creep out round Sanity Again and make for the towpath, not as easy as it should be when the propwash is confused by whatever is clinging to the prop. Typically, after a load of forward and back and bowthrusting, just as she reached the towpath a big piece of polythene appeared behind and all was well again.

I wonder if they know the canal song to the tune of Comin' round the mountain that starts "We've got miles and miles of poly round our prop"?

Lots of room here at Barlaston as always. We've done a couple of shopping trips, one before lunch to the parade with a (closed on Monday) butcher and one after to the One Stop on the other side of the cut. We'll still need to get a bit of stuff in Stone, but not too much. That will be tomorrow – the plan is to get an early start and work down both Meaford and Stone, calling at the chandlery for diesel as we pass.

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