Thursday, 14 June 2018

It's windy

That weather forecast was certainly correct. It rained overnight and has been blowing a hoolie all day. We've seen just a couple of boats go by, one privateer and one hire boat.

I had a nice email from Richard Parry this morning, with his personal apologies for our aborted trip. Since it seems that the culvert at Melling may not even be a CRT one, but the responsibility of United Utilities, it's particularly good of him.

Our main exercise has been a trip to the local shops. If you cross the footbridge, bridge 9, here and walk straight up the road that that takes you to, Stout Lane, you find yourself walking through quite a large 1930s style housing estate. At the top, you reach a main road which turns out to be Plank Lane, as in the swing bridge. Turn left and you pass an off licence and a newsagent on your side of the road, then there is quite a large Spar, a café and a Chinese take away on the other side.

We bought bread and some hummus, then returned to the boat by carrying on along Plank Lane to the bridge and walking back along the towpath, which made for a decent walk for the day.

We've been lurking inside for the rest of the day. This morning I checked our rescue throw line – MAIB have issued a safety notice about some throw lines being cheap and nasty with weak splices in the line and recommending that we all check ours. We keep a throw line rather than a life ring as being more effective in dealing with man overboard situations.

Having left the Bridgewater Canal and intending to return within 28 days, we are supposed to buy a permit for £40 by ringing the canal company. I tried this this morning but was told the line is only open between 2 and 4 pm on a weekday. So I tried again at 2.15 and got an answer phone. I left a message and our number, but they haven't called back.

There's a cruel but funny joke that the only reason that Chris Grayling is in the Cabinet is because he makes David Davis seem intelligent. Similarly, is the Bridgewater Canal Company a navigation authority in order to make us appreciate CRT's efficiency? Why not a webpage to buy the permit?

In the circumstances, we shall set off onto the Bridgewater again tomorrow and if the dreaded Sonny catches us and demands money, we shall point out that we've tried to pay and here's a cheque.

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John, Destiny said...

What! Not going to creep by in the middle of the night?