Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Three hours to Weston

It wasn't a good night last night. We didn't feel able to leave the stern doors open in such a public spot (though there was no kind of trouble overnight) so the bedroom was stuffy even with the Houdini open and the consumption of a couple of glasses of Yellow Tail Jammy Red might have left us a bit wired.

We gave up on the sleeping idea at half five and, after beating an "Impossible" Killer Sudoku into submission, got up and dressed. Sheila worked Star Lock and I took the boat down onto the water point at around seven. There was another boat already there filling up, but she soon finished and we ate breakfast to the sound of the tank filling.

Off we went at half seven, heading for Aston, Sandon, Salt and points south. I was actually too chilly in shirt sleeves and wore a sweatshirt for the morning. There's an easterly wind today which, for once, is very welcome, keeping temperatures much more reasonable.

Only one boat, Muleless, was here at Weston when we got here just before half ten. She's since left and others have arrived but there's still a bit of room. We've spent much of the time sitting in the well deck again, back in shirt sleeves now, though we retreated inside for a while whilst I made a start on tonight's grub.

Tomorrow, on through Great Haywood to Brindley Bank at Rugeley, probably. We've never actually explored what lies at the top of the Bloody Steps, so might do that in the afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce and Sheila, great to hear that you are enjoying your summer boating. Believe it or not, I finally got my book published. I am delighted to also report that your story survived the editors axe and you feature in both the early section and the conclusion as 'pin up' Rock Star Retirees! I would love to send you a copy as thank you. Can you please let me have your postal address - or if you are heading back this way [Anderton/Northwich] any time soon I would love to buy you a meal drink and to give you a copy then.
Warm Regards 077 88 99 6505
Dom Watson