Sunday, 15 July 2018

Hot mini blog

Boating was good today, though very hot. Sally especially doesn't appreciate it, makes it hard to keep cool when supervising. We got away from Branston in good time and had a straightforward run to Alrewas and on to Fradley.

Not a lot of traffic about for the first couple of hours, but it got steadily busier after Alrewas. It was my turn to lock, ably assisted by Elanor and supervised by the hound.

A sign of age creeping on: we've bought a GO Windlass, the ratchet one. It's very good indeed, working well both in ratchet mode and as a long throw windlass. In addition, the extra fixed socket below the ratchet one makes winding down very easy.

The only lock we were a bit slow through was Junction, where the volockie had his own pace of working. Sheila managed the turn onto the Coventry with no problem. It was getting on towards lunchtime, so we decided to stop at the bit of Armco just beyond Fradley that we remembered as being signed not to leave a boat unattended there overnight. It's now signed for CRT boats and loading only, so we just stopped for lunch and have come on to Kings Orchard for the night.

Tomorrow, Sutton Road Bridge and some retail therapy.

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James said...

Saw friends with a Go Windlass a couple of days ago, they seem better than those big heavy ones. They're fans too.