Monday, 15 October 2018

What’s up?

I’ve had a couple of queries from followers as to what we’ve been up to since getting back to Mercia in July, so I thought I should do a quick catch up. The drought meant that it wasn’t possible to get to the Owners’ Weekend by boat as the Bosley Lock flight was closed. So Elanor gave us a lift there on the Thursday and we stayed in the Adlington Travelodge for the weekend, relying on the kindness of fellow owners for getting to and fro.

Despite the rain, the weekend went well. We had seven boats to show off and the weather meant that virtually all the visitors were serious about potentially buying a boat. Orders taken since the event means that the next available build slot is a start in 2021, not earlier than March (though that slot may be gone by now).

Since then, we’ve been living in the lodge and doing various bits of maintenance of both the boat and the lodge. We’ve a programme of work to do on Sanity Again, running repairs and cleaning, mostly.

Thinking ahead, we may well take a trip down the South Oxford next Spring, going on from there to Crick for the Show, then back to Mercia for health stuff. After that, we might go down the Trent to Torksey and so to Lincoln and Boston again.

Possibly, depending on the weather and our mood...


Dave Wagg said...

Glad to see your both doing ok Bruce! I was wondering what was up etc!

Bungle said...

If you are coming down the south Oxford, how about coming to Cavalcade? :-)

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Dave, glad you’re still following us!

Bungle: nice try ;). Not going to happen, though, for a number of reasons. First off, would you believe Sheila and I are now both in our seventieth year? This means that in future, our boating is going to be very leisurely. I doubt if we’ll get south of Thrupp, much less onto the Thames. In addition, we’re committed to Crick next year, having missed out this year, and it’s an awful slog back up the GU to get there from Little V in time to set up and so forth.

Indeed, I very much doubt we’ll ever bother with the GU south of MK again, just doesn’t sound any fun these days, clogged with moored widebeams.

So we’ll really miss seeing you and many of the old gang, but it’s not to be, I’m afraid.