Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dog to dog blog: exercising the AGPs

Hi guys

Tuesday again, me again! Mummy got me to the boat in decent time this morning, and Grandpa took me to the field quite quickly, as soon as he'd finished his breakfast in fact. We had a good dash about with much tyre chasing, and I re-found a seriously large bunny place. From the niff, I think it was really a badger home, but the brocks have moved out and the bunnies have taken over.

Tried several times to get them to come out and play, but they wouldn't, chiz, chiz. Had to give it up in the end, as Grandpa must have been getting bored (he does so easily). He went and hid behind a big telegraph pole type thing right down the other end of the field. When I looked up to check where he was, I couldn't see him and had to dash about the field a bit to track him down.

He seemed to think that it was very funny; yes, ha, ha.

Got him to chuck the tyre a few more times, then decided I'd had enough, got my lead back on and we went back to the boat. On the way, stopped to chat to one of my admirers, Jules. She's a cat person, really, but still calls me beautiful, so I can forgive her quite a lot.

After lunch, I took both AGPs for a walk along the towpath, having gone over the rickety rackety bridge (no trolls in sight). We'd gone quite a way along the canal when there was Jules again! This time, she was in a small boat with a couple of strange old blokes – no taste at all, these cat lovers, I'm afraid.

After a bit, they pushed out into the middle of the canal and started trying to row this boat along. They were really struggling with it; I tried shouting some instructions to them, but Grandpa told me off for barking…


Sometimes, I wonder why I bother.

Anyway, a proper boat came past with a tasty looking fawn coloured greyhound on the back, doing a bit of Olympic looking. We exchanged barks, but I got told off again for bad manners.


I've obviously got a bit of work to do on Grandpa yet – I wasn't threatening, I was trying to make a date.

Honestly, he'll drive me spare.

Never mind, back to the boat now, the fire's burning nicely, so got in a decent bit of kip before knocking this out.

Hopefully Mum will be back soon and I can get home to my tea.

Take care you guys,

Loads of licks from

Your friend Sally

{:-9  {:-9  {:-9

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sally

Just a comment to encourage you to keep on developing your obvious talent as a blogger.

Ty and Ollie send lick, but not Lou - she's doesn't do licks!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream