Monday, 19 November 2012

Mucky Monday

Winter's well on its way, with a cold wind starting overnight and rain coming on at lunchtime. We accordingly made a relaxed start, and did stuff in the boat for most of the morning. A good chunk of this was working on stuff for this year's books, and I caught up with responses to blog comments and the like.

We needed bread, so timed our departure for the village to arrive at around half eleven, thereby increasing the probability that a fresh delivery had come. Sheila has been running the washing machine, so we took some stuff up to be tumbled and actually got to the Co-op bang on time. The bread van was just delivering and we waited whilst the consignment was checked off before claiming our loaf.

We were back at the boat just before twelve; I was able to set out the lunch things whilst Sheila collected the dried washing.

This afternoon we've been pottering around; I also made a trip to the marina shop to get some more eggs for tonight's Spanish omelette, it being meat free Monday.

Sally will be with us tomorrow, so I'll see if she'll do a blog, as well as asking her if she feels like accepting Indigo Dream Sue Cook's invitation to go and chase mice at her house...

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