Saturday, 17 November 2012

Murky Saturday

As planned, we've been taking it easy today, encouraged to do so by the damp and murky weather. There's better prospects for tomorrow, so we'll try and get a decent walk in then – today was the basic once briskly round the marina.

It's given us a chance to catch up on emails and the like, and to do a lot of reading, which got a bit neglected last week. In addition to the usual Independent, I'm presently reading Kate Mosse's Labyrinth*. It's very odd, but quite enjoyable; I never bothered with Dan Brown, but this is much superior, apparently. It's also got a much more feminine feel, though still very bloody, especially in the 13th century bits.

Tonight, I'm cooking the Gentleman's Roast, so I'll have a report on that tomorrow.

*No, not that Kate Moss, this is Kate Mosse, do try to keep up at the back…


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