Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

I try not to blog or email when I've been drinking, not normally a problem as I shut the computer down at the end of the afternoon (usually just a bit after doing the blog), and don't open the beer until six. But for the next few days, all that may change as we celebrate getting past the shortest day of the year and prepare ourselves for the rigours of 2013.

So I think this had better be the last blog of the year…


I won't burble on about the stuff we've been doing today, but must take the time to congratulate Trev and Rachael on their stunning new boat. We were having an afternoon peramble round the marina when we realised that what we thought was probably their boat on the Aqua moorings had someone on board, took a chance and found Trev in there. He had a very good excuse for what he was doing (the boat's about two weeks from completion), like lighting the stove for the first time to get rid of the new paint smell before they move too much stuff on board, but I reckon he was basically having a play…


And who can blame him? As I say, the boat is gorgeous, a really fine job of both design and execution. It's one of the few I've been on which is as good as a Braidbar (well nearly) I reckon. Rachael's had a nasty surprise health-wise recently, we were sorry to hear, but hopefully will soon be back to her usual fit and feisty self; we wish her all the very best for an uncomplicated recovery.

I'm cooking the turkey tonight, and will do the big piece of beef that so excited Sally on Christmas day. Turkey is always a bit stressful to cook, even with a meat thermometer, I find, whereas beef is straightforward, so I prefer to do it that way round.

Anyway, there's an argument that in England, it's beef that's traditional.

So, thanks to one and all for their good wishes, whether through blog comments or by other means, and here's wishing you all a brilliant, merry and bright Christmas, and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.

I'll see you all on Ne'er Day, or maybe the day after...

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Sue said...

Hope you two have a brilliant Christmas and New Year. You look as if you have picked a very good spot, for sure you won't get bored!

Have a great time there and good luck with the turkey! xx