Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A morning in Derby

So off we went into Derby by the 10.24 bus, which was a bit late (10 minutes) and rather full; Trent Barton had put on a smaller bus than usual. No matter, no one had to stand and the driver had managed to make up most of his time by the time we arrived.

A bit of shopping was done, then we went into the food court at the Wellfield for a light lunch. I'd wondered about using Subway, but we decided that what they were offering wasn't worth the money. Instead, we used the new fish and chip stand next to it; OKish, but not the best grub on offer there. Sheila was particularly critical of the batter on her haddock, which was oily.

After that, it was time for my hearing check. Boots seem to run a very efficient service, no referral needed for a free 15 minute basic check. It turns out that my left ear is just fine but the right is less so, with quite a bit of loss of the high frequencies. This means that I have to be seen by ENT before we can go any further,just to make sure there's nothing sinister going on (unlikely, but best to be sure).

So I've asked for a telephone consultation with my GP tomorrow, to get him to refer me.

Back at the boat, we've been having a quiet time of it this afternoon. It's now blowing very hard and has just started to rain. I think we'll have the haggis tonight...

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