Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dog to dog blog: I'm a very weary dog

Hi guys

Today makes it a week that I've been coming up here every other day to exercise the AGPs and frankly my dears, I'm knackered. It involves loads of charging about a steep field with a tyre in my mouth so that the old 'uns have to plod after me to get it.

In addition, just as I was getting stuck into bunny hunting this morning, some of my mates turned up: Ruby, Katie and Charlie, so I had some socialising to do as well.

And after all that, at lunchtime, what did I get? A chew? No chance. A carrot? You've got to be joking. One measly apple core with almost all of the apple gone was all I got after all that work.

Well, I've had enough. I'm going back to bed and Grandpa can write some more if he wants some more.

Loads of licks and goodnight from

Your friend



Hi folks

Well, that's all from her. She's now curled up in her bed with her nose under her tail, humphing from time to time. Actually, she was very well behaved in the field, mostly, and again on her walk round the marina this afternoon. I think she really does find the field exercise every other day quite hard work!

We've had a quiet day otherwise; for no good reason, we'd had a bit of a broken night last night, and getting up in time to receive Sal at eight was quite an effort.

It's really mild just now, and the rain has held off for most of the day, so we mustn't complain too much.

One of my fellow bloggers (I won't embarrass him by naming him here) mentioned on his blog that the wood he'd cut up with great labour from a small tree that had fallen across the towpath flatly refuses to burn, even when put on top of a coal fire. It sounds like it's either sycamore or willow, neither of which are much use as firewood and both of which are very common by the canal.

The problem is that they hold so much water that by the time they've dried out enough to burn they've used up more heat than their combustion will produce. When I was in the Scouts, we had a useful rhyme to remind us of the burning characteristics of the various common woods, and I reproduce it here for the benefit of all those new to the wood burning game:

These hardwoods burn well and slowly,
Ash, beech, hawthorn oak and holly.
Softwoods flare up quick and fine,
Birch, fir, hazel, larch and pine.
Elm and willow you'll regret,
Chestnut green and sycamore wet

Tomorrow, we go into Derby; I'm going to get my hearing tested for free at Boots.


Anonymous said...

Deer Sally

Big Ty 'ere - is hexhorstin lookin' after hu-mums an' AGPs - frexample, me hu-mum's got measles an we had to lie down all day an sleep wile she woz in bed snorin' an groanin'...

Wez doin' a himportan public service an wun day we will happreciated..


Big scaredy wuss jellyboy Ty, nb Indigo Dream

Sally said...

Hiya Big Boy

Good to hear from yah! I've had about two days non stop kip and I'm feeling loads better, so I'm going to go and see the AGPs again on Saturday.

You look after your hu-mum; don't know what measles are but it sounds nasty. At least she can't get hard pad!

Can she?