Saturday, 12 January 2013

Definitely colder

It certainly looks like we're in for some seriously cold weather; the wind has gone round to the East and the sky is now clouding over as if it's planning to snow. It was great first thing, though. I got my recipe writing done whilst waiting for Elanor and Sally to turn up, then we had a right old romp in the field.

Sal made a bit of a twonk of herself, mind (this is Elanor's coinage for when the dog does something daft). When we got there, a couple of guys were running a smallish greyhound and an enthusiastic collie. The grey was promptly put on a lead, so Sally dashed up to him, said boo! and ran off chuckling. The collie, however, was clearly a contender to be a Flyball champion; his master was throwing a tennis ball from one of those woomera type throwing arms and he was hurtling after it, leaping into the air to catch it.

Unfortunately, when I threw Sal's tyre for her, he managed to get there first and sat down, mouthing it. Sal turned away with a plaintive expression on her face: "Mummy, he's stolen my toy! I may cry…"

I had to go and retrieve it for her and we removed to another part of the field so that she could play unmolested.

After lunch, Sheila and I did a bit of carpet tiling on the cabin side next to the side berth. It's a bit of wall that's not usually visible, unless the berth is in use for sleeping on, when it can be a bit hard and cold for someone rolling over onto it, I'm told. We had been lucky to find some B&Q carpet tiles just the right shade of blue to match the upholstery; we've cut four of them to size and attached them to the wall with carpet tile heavy duty double sided tape.

We'll see how they do; I've got a can of spray-on adhesive if necessary, but the tape seems pretty potent. The tiles are bitumen backed, so there'll be a vapour barrier to prevent any damp from working through the tile onto the ply behind.

That's about it for today; Sheila's joining the monthly water bird survey again tomorrow, whilst I lurk in the cosy boat playing with the computer, methinks. It may be foggy anyway, which would make it hard to spot the birdies, methinks…


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