Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bitterly cold

When we lived in Leicestershire, we used to talk about the lazy wind that couldn't be bothered to go round you, so it just went straight through. That was usually an easterly, blowing straight from the Ural Mountains across the German peneplain and the East Anglian fens; Leicestershire was the first rising ground it hit. Today's wind has been a Northerly and is not just lazy, it's spiteful as well.

In many ways it's harder to cope with than the dry freezing temperatures we had in January. It didn't stop us trekking to Betty's Farm however; we bought some nice looking sausages (pork and Stilton) and some liver to make into a casserole.

The sausages I plan to do quite simply this evening, grilling them and serving with bubble and squeak. Thanks to Nev Campbell, I've got a recipe for sausages in apple juice I want to try, but don't actually have any apple juice in at the moment. I'll have to get some in with the Ocado order on Friday.

At least the wind is due to drop overnight, and by Sunday we may see some milder weather again. The sun's now rising well before eight and doesn't set until just after five, so things are looking up, I keep telling myself.

We've stayed put in the boat, otherwise; this morning's walk was quite sufficient for one day. Sheila has finished creating the text for her book, so I shall soon have that to edit and format. My own isn't quite so far on. I've nearly finished the recipes themselves, but there are a couple of chapters to do to go in front of them; there will be an introduction and I want to say something about equipment.

The vegetable tagine worked well, by the way; I actually cooked too much of it and even after putting half in a freezer box, we ended up with a bit over to add to the dinosaur soup that's on the go all the time now. I've included the recipe for both of these in my book, naturally.

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