Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dog to dog blog: thinking about food

Hi guys

We went and saw the vet the other day. Now I like the vets, they're really fun, though I know lots of you don't get on with them. Only downsides were having stuff squirted up my nose (why?) and being weighed. Apparently, I've put on a couple of kilos and have too much padding over my ribs.

So, Mum's cut down on my grub. Last night I thought of a cunning plan; I waited until Kato had finished stuffing himself and then I gave his face a good wash. I mean, that sometimes does the trick, doesn't it?

No joy though, Mum caught me at it and Kato made a break for it, chiz, chiz. I mean, you'd think he'd share his scoff with his friends, wouldn't you?

I've spent today on the boat as usual, but we haven't been to the fields. How am I supposed to lose weight if I can't exercise? This is because, says Grandpa, two of the fields have sheep in them, so I'm not allowed to run even in the field between the two, 'cos Grandpa reckons I'd jump over the fence and start chasing the woolly idiots.

As if. Well, of course I would, but how's he to know that?

Meanie. There are some right tasty looking lambs in one of the fields too.

So in the end, we went for this thousand mile trek along the towpath. Loads of chances to sniff about, fair enough, but no running free.

Then the final injustice, just as I was settling down to do this blog, Grandpa asks Grandma "Have you thought what you want me to do with the chicken fillets tonight?"

Did my best sit and gave him a soulful nudge, but no joy. All I've had is half a carrot and an apple core since breakfast.

It's just so unfair

Loads of licks from your starving friend



Anonymous said...

It's just as well that you don't live here Sally - I'm putty in my hound's paws and they never get through a day without lots of food (all obtained by looking pathetic - I just can't resist!)....

Never mind, just think about your lovely figure and about your many boyfriends that love you just the way you are :-D

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

p.s. I am not spotty any more!

Sally said...

Hi Sue

I'm so glad you're not spotty anymore, I was worried about Ty and Ollie catching it. They'd turn into Dalmatians, and Ds are stoopid.

I'd come and live with you only I do love my Mummy so much, really. She gave me a great big carrot the other night. We played the down-up-down game and then I leapt up and grabbed the carrot. Mum did make this big deal of looking at her fingers and going "1, 2, 3, 4…" but she was only joking really.

Carrots are great fun, do your hounds get them? You can throw them in the air, catch them in your back teeth and go CRUNCH, bits of carrot all over the place, fantastic. AND they are scrumptious to eat.



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