Thursday, 21 February 2013

Dog to dog blog: How confusing

Hi guys

These humans are trying to get me as muddled as they are, though that's asking a lot. I've been here twice since last I blogged, once last Saturday when Mum, Grandpa and I had a great walk to an old gravel pit and Mum let me off for a bit. There were mega pools to splosh through, birds to chase and loads of new smells. It was great, though exhausting.

But then I didn't get to come here on Tuesday, but got left on Thursday instead. What's going on? Don't they know that every dog's motto is "This is how we always do it?" And…

No run in the field again.

No walk to the gravel pit.

Instead, both AGPs took me the other way along the towpath and back round a sewage works.


Apart from anything else, I didn't know Granny could walk that far.


We came back through Findern village and I was mighty pleased to get back to the boat and get some shut eye, I can tell you.

Still, got an apple core and a carrot for lunch, so it's not all bad. Then Grandpa dozed off for ages (not complaining, I was still catching up myself) and seemed most reluctant to take me for the afternoon peramble round the marina.

Got them going in the end and had a good old natter to Stephen and Jayne their friends on the way. This was particularly gratifying as there was this cat sat on one of the pontoons sneering at me despite my best "locked on, target acquired" glare. What it didn't see, hee, hee, was my mate Charlie coming up behind it, what a laugh.

It had to scram at speed and hide under the rubbish skips.


So all worthwhile in the end, even if the cold wind was pushing the limits of my smart horsey rug. More husky weather than houndy weather, really.

Still, apparently I'm coming back again on Saturday, so lots of chances to keep the AGPs on their toes…

Loads of licks

Your friend



Anonymous said...

Well Sally, I know that big scaredy wuss jellyboy Ty likes routine, but I thought you were an all-action adventure girl - he will be so relieved as he thought you might be too feisty to be his special girl.

Did the sewage farm smell nice? Ty needs to know...

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Bruce in Sanity said...
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Sally said...


You can tell Ty I'm a home loving bitch who likes stuff done in its proper order.

Oh, and the sewage farm was a bit disappointing, tbh. Didn't smell of anything very much. The nature reserve next door was full of bunnies, though, but of course I'm not allowed off to chase them in there.