Friday, 22 February 2013


I'll give you brisk! That's like "bracing" as an excuse for fiercely cold winds off the sea. The wind we've got at the moment is more like bitter, not to say lazy (it can't be bothered to go round you). Hopefully, it's at its worst today and there's to be a slow improvement as February gives way to March.

As you've probably guessed, we've stayed indoors for most of the day, only really venturing out when the Ocado delivery arrived this morning and to take a walk round the marina this afternoon. I got a little bit more of my book done and managed various tidying up type jobs like taking the ashcan to empty in the special bins by the rubbish skips.

The Ocado delivery was all correct and in good time, so it was back to normal service after them forgetting our muesli last time. I bought a fancy loaf of bread because it was on special offer: spelt and sunflower seeds from an "artisan" bakery. It was quite pleasant, but even with the offer cost two quid for just enough bread for lunch. At its regular price of £3 for 400g I don't think we'll be having it again.

We also ordered another two bags of solid fuel from the shop, for delivery at the weekend; we're getting through it a bit keeping toasty in the boat.

Sally is now only coming for the day tomorrow, whilst Elanor nips over to rendezvous with Graeme and family. This means that we shall be able to take part in the sapling planting on Sunday after all, and another Willow Tree breakfast seems likely.

Well, if the weather is anything like as cold as today, we'll need the calories...

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