Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Last mild day for a while...

…so we've taken good advantage of it. The misty murky stuff lingered for most of the morning, but by lunchtime the sun had burnt it off and the afternoon has been glorious.

After a morning pottering about, me doing a kedgeree recipe for my book and Sheila getting some Project Gutenberg proof reading in, we had lunch in good time and then walked to Betty's Farm again. Tuesday is fishmonger day there (hence the rescheduling of Sally's visits) so I bought some smoked haddock for making aforesaid kedgeree tonight.

We also got some more sausages and a piece of silverside beef to roast later in the week.

Back at the boat, Martin and Mina were loafing on the stern deck of Kilgarrah; after stowing our purchases we rolled one side of the cratch on Sanity Again and did a bit of loafing ourselves. Mugs of tea were drunk and much nattering took place. Boats are moving about the marina and a Shakespeare hire boat set off for a half term holiday.

After a while, Geoff appeared from Black Pearl and joined in. It was one of those really pleasant, relaxed, sitting about in the sun sessions. It's cooled down a bit as the sun has slid down the pale blue sky, so we've all reluctantly retreated indoors.

The forecast for the rest of the month is back to temperatures lurking just above and below zero. It looks like Spring is going to be on hold for a last blast of Winter.

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