Monday, 18 February 2013

Slight change of plan

There being no justice, we neither of us slept particularly well last night, despite all our exercise yesterday. This helped us to decide that today was not the right day for winding Sanity Again so as to wash her starboard cabin side. At first, we thought to put it off to tomorrow when it's forecast to be even calmer, but then realised that it's going to turn very cold on Wednesday, and we didn't fancy being frozen in the wrong way round on the pontoon.

It wouldn't be a disaster; the main issues are having to walk the length of the pontoon to get in at the bow and having to run out all of the water hose to refill the tank, but as I say, we were feeling a bit sorry for ourselves and it was just easier to postpone until next week.

Or whenever.

Instead, Sheila has been running some Monday washloads and we walked into the village for supplies.

I managed not to doze off after lunch, much, and we got in another walk round the marina in what is still very pleasant weather indeed, though with a very cool breeze.

Another sign of Spring has been the activity on the Shakespeare hire fleet moorings; their first "guests" of the year were arriving today.

Speaking of which, I must wish good luck to Heledd and family following our conversation via the comments on the post of a couple of days back; I hope your long weekend at Easter goes really well!

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heledd said...

Thanks Bruce and Sheila! We'll see how it goes...but I'm already planning how I can persuade my husband to adopt the narrowboat lifestyle when we retire!!
Best wishes