Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Misty Murky Tuesday

Although the atmospheric pressure has kept rising as the high over Scandinavia extends down over the UK, we've not seen any improvement in the weather as a result. In fact, it's been a thoroughly unpleasant day today, still cold with that chilly nor' easterly wind and misty and murky as well.

No matter, we had plenty to get on with in the boat, mostly dealing with email, browsing the Canal World Forum and I've nearly finished writing the content for my book. This afternoon, just after lunch, we walked over to Betty's Farm for some fresh supplies, including some cod which I intend to turn into some sort of Mediterranean stir fry tonight.

I've recently been getting a fair bit of spam email addressed to "webmaster" at my domain of nbsanity.me.uk. This got a bit beyond a joke today when this morning I had a spoof PayPal email trying to make me log into a fake website and a claim this afternoon that my US tax return was faulty.

Neither of these stood any chance of catching me out, firstly because I don't have a PayPal account with that email address and secondly because, of course, I don't pay tax in the US. I passed the first one on to PayPal (you can just forward such an email to spoof 'at' paypal.co.uk) and I've deleted them both.

I'd been having webmaster emails forwarded to my main email account, just in case one of them was real, but I've cancelled that and set up an autorespond instead that says that the email will be discarded unread. I almost never get genuine emails to that address anyway. If folk want to email me and don't already know my address, they can use the link in the right hand column of this blog.

Tomorrow, we're lunching in the Willow Tree and going to the quiz night there in the evening.

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