Friday, 15 February 2013

Ooops, bit late today

What a nice day it's been, both weatherwise and doing stuff. I'm a bit late posting this because when we came back from the village this afternoon, we got nattering to Martin and Mina off Kilgarrah next to us, then were joined by Geoff off Black Pearl on the other side of us, and it was the best part of five o'clock before we realised.

Then I had to get the dinner on – I'm doing another boiled ham, the meat for which has been soaking in a big pan for 24 hours and which will need a good 90 minutes boiling. So I had to get that sorted if we're to eat at seven as usual.

This morning was a pottering about session; last night's sausages in apple sauce was very successful, so I wrote up the recipe for my book. We then had a walk round the marina; sadly, a boat has sunk over by Facilities Block 2. It's not desperately far under and looks as if it should be reasonably easily recovered with a couple of big pumps.

But of course the interior will probably need a complete refit.

This afternoon we had a nice stroll into the village. We're arranging to use the Post Office there as our NHS address. The surgery at Alrewas is great, as I've often said before, and  Jane Howarth has been splendid forwarding stuff to us (we've used her and Will's address for NHS purposes up until now). The problem is organising to get over there during the winter if we need an appointment for an acute illness.

Here, we can use the PO and have any mail collected by the Marina Shop staff (Michael, mostly) and given to us in the shop. Whilst we're out boating, Elanor is prepared to pop in every couple of weeks to check if there's anything for us.

Then, as I say, when we got back just in nice time to have a cup of tea we got totally distracted by the pleasures of standing nattering in what felt like Spring sunshine. The forecast for the weekend is for more of the same, so things are looking up.

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