Sunday, 10 February 2013

'orrible weather

It's rained all day, sometimes harder, sometimes slower, but still just rain. It might turn to snow later on, but it's not even going to make a decent job of that.

Highlights of the day were Sheila going bird spotting and me cleaning the boat interior. She managed to see a Lesser Redpoll and some Greenfinches, as well as a lot of Canada Geese. These last look quite cheerful, which must say something about the weather in Canada…

When I went up to the facilities block, Helen's cleaner colleague told me that she's taken to reading the blog: welcome! If I'd been a bit more on the ball I'd have thought to check out your name, sorry about that. As I've said on here before, the excellent job that you all do is one of the many reasons to moor here in Mercia.

The other high spot this morning was noticing that sometime in the night my various on-line offerings had their 250,000th hit between them. I don't split up the counter between the two blogs and the static website, so I can't make a direct comparison with those who use the UK Waterways Ranking Site, but it's still pleasing to reach that milestone. I deliberately avoided registering with the ranking site; I know me and I would just get far too wound up about my position.

As long as there are some of you out there reading and enjoying my burblings, that's just fine.

Just tell all your friends, that's all…


It still looks as if things are going to stay cold and soggy all week though we have one diversion to look forward to. Tomorrow evening we're going on a short first aid session in the Willow Tree, which in turn gives us an excuse to have lunch there with Stephen and Jayne earlier in the day.


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