Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Quick, it's snowing

No, we're not going to rush out and play in it. It's been snowing all day here, sticky wet stuff, quite yucky. As before when that's happened, the T-mobile signal has become very erratic, so I'll pop this up while I still can.

We've stayed tight in the boat all day after taking our walk good and early. I've nearly finished the editing of Sheila's book, just two more chapters to do and then we'll be into proof reading and tweaking it.

We've had a nice afternoon with Helen from Alice round; the women were doing Sudoku, then we had a cup of tea and a seriously long natter. It was great to get to know Helen better.

It should start raining overnight and warm up, so hopefully the internet connection will be back to normal tomorrow.


Dave said...

Hi Bruce & Shelia love reading the blog. Keep up the good work.

When you planning on setting off?

Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks Dave!

We had planned to leave quite soon, but I've now got this ENT appointment in Burton on 18 March, following on from the discovery of my asymmetric hearing loss at Boots the other day, so we'll probably not get going until round about then.

If'n the creek don't rise, of course…