Monday, 4 February 2013

Wild and windy

It's an odd thing, but yesterday the Met Office issued a yellow warning for cold weather, but not one for high winds. Today, the air temperature has not in fact been all that cold – the wind's stayed largely in the West – but it's been nearly as gusty as it was the other day.

It was hard work walking down to the village with the wind in our faces, but much easier coming back. Despite the challenging conditions, they've managed to deliver the next lodge, craning it onto its plinth in two pieces as before.

As may be imagined, we've spent most of the day firmly in boat, working on the books, surfing the net and reading the paper. We did venture out for a perambulation round the marina after lunch, but that's been the height of it.

Sheila's also been doing some washing, it being Monday. Whilst in the Co-op we bought some own brand washing up liquid and laundry liquid; we had been using Ecover, but there have been reports recently that Ecover laundry liquid in particular can cause dermatitis in some folk, and since I've been wrestling with a patch of it on my leg for a while, we though we'd try what a change would do.

It used to be necessary to avoid cheap detergents to avoid putting too much phosphate into the cut, but very few cleaning products contain phosphate these days.

Tonight, as it's meat-free Monday, I thought I'd try a recipe for vegetable tagine from yesterday's paper, though no doubt I'll be tinkering with it as I do it. I'll report on it on Wednesday, I expect, assuming Sally does the blog tomorrow.


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