Monday, 25 March 2013

Busy morning, quiet afternoon

The title says it all really. Our decision to postpone the Ocado delivery to this morning was well justified; the snow has stopped falling and most of the paths are clear, though the wind continues to howl. The early part of the day was spent sorting email and the like, as well as getting the paper from the shop.

Lee in the (red) cabbage van turned up just a bit before half ten and by ten past eleven we had everything checked off and stowed away. Then it was bundle up and go to walk into the village to collect my prescription and a loaf of bread from the Co-op. Neither of these errands worked out quite as well as they might.

The Willington surgery, though OK, isn't as well organised as Alrewas. You can order a repeat prescription on line, but you have to type in all the items you want, rather than just ticking boxes on a list of your repeat meds. There's the option to have the script sent to the pharmacy but we're not the only ones to arrive there and finds that it hasn't happened.

It's no big deal in that the surgery is only just down the road, but why offer the option if they then ignore your choice? Anyway, having dropped off the pieces of paper at the pharmacy, we went over to the Co-op only to find that our preferred bread was all gone. We don't get bread from Ocado any more, partly because they only offer the Warburtons multigrain that always seems to be a bit dry to me and partly because the loaf is often packed at the bottom of the bag and comes out a very funny shape.

Heigh ho, it's not like it was the end of the world; we got some tasty harvest grain baguettes instead and will have another go for the nice Co-op multigrain tomorrow.

Back to the pharmacy for the third time to collect the drugs and so back to the boat, arriving just in time for lunch. Sheila had left a washload running whilst we were out and put another one on straight away.

Since lunchtime we've had our very brisk walk round the marina, all bundled up. We spotted a boat looking very down at the stern as we went by so let Robert know when we saw him on the service pontoon. It's hopefully OK, but if we were off Sanity Again and she was looking like that, I'd want someone to check that she wasn't planning to settle down permanently, as it were.

We're looking forward to a quieter day tomorrow, then on Wednesday it's a trip into Burton for some more retail therapy and my appointment at the ENT clinic.

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