Sunday, 24 March 2013

Still cold and snowy

Look, noirish TV drama from Scandinavia, great, fine if you like it, weather from Scandinavia, not so good. OK, so this winter hasn't been dramatically cold like some others recently, but hasn't it half dragged on and on? As I type this the snow has just about stopped for the time being and there's even some blue sky about, but the wind continues to come howling in from the East.

Burning a mix of wood blocks and Signal smokeless fuel is keeping us reasonably warm; we must be getting through quite a lot of diesel in the Hurricane too, as the wind is blowing right onto the stern.

Heigh ho, let's focus on the positives; we had a great evening in beautiful Takt Up last night, Rachael and Trev's first guests, a real honour. Rachael had cooked some delicious nibbles, quite putting my efforts to shame, I'm not good at fiddly stuff like that. I mean, sausage rolls, yes, but making your own pastry and filling, that's amazing. We went on quite late and took great care walking back to Sanity Again from Quail pontoon after midnight, the snow still blowing round our ears.

So a bit of a lazy start this morning – the plan had been to go into Burton with Elanor but since the snow had drifted quite alarmingly overnight we weren't surprised to get a call from her crying off. Her road was covered in frozen slush with a layer of snow on top, so the shopping could wait.

This gave us the excuse to loaf about a bit, apart from a trip to the shop here in the marina for essential supplies (and the paper).

After lunch we got well muffled up and marched round the marina to get at least a minimum of exercise. Back at the boat we watched the third episode of Sherlock; Elanor's been given season 2 for her birthday so as soon as she's seen it we can find out how they get out of the cliff hanger in the swimming pool.

I've got some chicken to cook tonight, though since I'm running out of all kinds of fresh veg, I'm going to have to be a bit creative with it...

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