Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dog to dog blog: Here we are again

Hi guys

Having been in and out of the boat like a Dalmatian trying to decide which chair to lie on for a couple of weeks, there's since been a huge gap until today when finally I got to visit the AGPs again. They looked very under-exercised and dozy, but I soon had them buzzing with a programme of nudges, whines and meaningful looks.

It's been very cold again, so I wore my heavy coat to go for a decent walk. The AGPs were being a bit timid about the mud on the towpaths, so I let them off with just the stretch from the footbridge to the village, after which we walked down the road to a track by the river and along that.

Good rummaging territory along there and mostly well drained, though some of it is the bit that was underwater earlier in the year. Couldn't persuade them to let me off until we were clear of any risk of cars on the track but then had a good tear around, mooch and rummage-for-bunnies. The AGPs made one wholly unsuccessful attempt to hide for me in a hide (probably what gave them the idea, ha, ha) – I was a bit further on but soon realised what had happened and zoomed back.

Stood on my back legs to look over the wall of the hide, but nothing worth looking at, just a gravel pit with some birds in the distance.

Their second attempt was much better – just shows even AGPs can learn from experience – they waited until I was well into bunny seeking with my head in the hedge and turned back and walked the other way. When I finally realised that they'd snuck off I went to afterburner and charged back, doing my celebrated close pass to Granny's legs. She fairly jumped out of the way though I know that Mum has warned her again and again about the risk of doing that.

If you mistime it as I decide to do a last minute swerve you get my 35 34 33 kilos in the back of your knees. Fortunately I was almost past her and managed not to knock her flying.

Not much to report after that; we had an uneventful plod back to the boat and a rest before lunch. They only had one measly carrot to give me but I tried to look grateful for it. Then we all had a good zizz, very pleasant in the warmth of the Squirrel.

Usual trot round the marina to waken up. There were a few small dogs about, hardly worth bothering with. The sheep have been moved all into one field, hurrah!, but it's the middle field and the AGPs won't trust me to ignore them if I'm in either of the others, boo!

Mind you, the little lambs do look ever so tasty and probably can't run away very quickly.

After I've done this I'm getting my head down again to pass the time until Mum comes to get me. I'm conscious of a day well spent – the AGPs look much better for it.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sally

I'm sorry to be so late with my comment - I do like to let you know that you have at least one devoted readers.

Your AGP's are so lucky to have you!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

ps. Ty has a new boat bed - I hope it will help him to like boating (no sign so far) - it should be big enough for two, so if we ever meet maybe you can cuddle up with him to give him some confidence :-)