Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Let's pretend...

… that it's Spring, even if the weather refuses to behave. We'd noticed that the cupboard under the galley sink was smelling a bit stale, so we've spent a good chunk of the day turning everything out, cleaning it with the mini vacuum and disinfectant multi surface cleaner and then putting almost everything back; some bits were classified as redundant and either recycled or offered in the laundry for someone else to use.

It's just amazing how much stuff we've got under there.

I took the opportunity to replace the Seagull IV water filter cartridge. We've got through one per year and we'll need to get another at Crick to have as a spare. Whilst all this was going on we refilled the water tank too, so lots of activity to ward off the depressing sight of snow falling at the Equinox.

Halfway through we knocked off and went to the Willow Tree for lunch with Stephen and Jayne, in preparation for the quiz night tonight. We managed to do our post lunch walk round the marina with them, too, though it remained cold and raw. It had at least stopped raining.

We're Sally-sitting tomorrow, so I hope that there'll be at least a bit of a break in the wet and the wind to take her for a decent walk. Mind you, the footpaths have all returned to a quagmire state, restricting the possibilities.

Things had been forecast to pick up over the weekend, but no longer – if it stays like this, we'll be staying put in the marina next week.

I know, I know, we're getting soft in our old age.

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