Saturday, 23 March 2013

Not as bad as some places

I've just seen a photo taken by fellow Braidbar Owner Chris of the state of things at the moorings at Poynton. The snow has drifted up to the roof line of some of the boats, compared to which we're having a mild day here. Nonetheless, we decided not to go shopping in Burton – Elanor had been due to collect us first thing, but since the trip was not essential and she was having to scrape the snow off the car just to get started, postponing until tomorrow seemed like a good idea.

So, I've rescheduled the Ocado delivery to Monday, the second time it's been moved, and we'll see what the weather is like in the morning. It didn't stop snowing until mid afternoon here, blowing sideways in the strong easterly wind.

We've ventured out twice so far, once to the shop to order a couple more bags of smokeless fuel and take a net of logs back with us to keep us going until the order could be delivered and once to visit the lodges. It's English Tourist Week, would you believe…


It was a good opportunity to check out some stuff with Tony about the plans for Walnut Lodge, such as how the route from the car park to the doors will be arranged to be easy for wheel chairs and to resolve the TV size issue. Interestingly, the one in Oak, a larger lodge than Walnut will be, is a 32" with integral DVD player and is plenty big enough for the room.

Back at the boat we found the coal had been delivered so we're guaranteed a warm boat for another couple of weeks. We've another trip out to make yet; we're off to visit Trev and Rachael on Takt Up tonight for a bit of boat warming of the other kind.

Good job we'll not be able to set off shopping too soon tomorrow, it being Sunday…


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